Job Alert! Sagebrush Ecosystem Alliance Coordinator in Utah


The Sagebrush Ecosystem Alliance (SEA) is a geographically focused effort that will emphasize enhancing conservation of sagebrush ecosystems across 1.1 million acres of Sage-grouse Priority Habitat Management Area in Northwestern Utah, and potentially portions of Southern Idaho/Northern Nevada Sagebrush Focal Areas.

The SEA will provide a field-based effort for disseminating and implementing best management practices based on the best available science and on-the-ground expertise. The SEA coordinator will work with a wide array of stakeholders in the conservation and management of the sagebrush ecosystem.

This coordinator will be an employee of Utah State University and this position is partially supported by the partnership between the Bureau of Land Management, Intermountain West Joint Venture, and Mule Deer Foundation to scale up the successful conservation practices in the sagebrush ecosystem. For the details on this position, please view the full job description here. This position is open for applications until May 5.