Sagebrush Technical Transfer Network

Equipping you to do technical transfer

Equipping You to Do Technical Transfer

Technical transfer requires significant time, skills, and expertise, which are rarely explicitly taught or supported. Thus, many people engage in technical transfer with limited capacity or resources. Led by the Intermountain West Joint Venture and Institute for Natural Resources, the Sagebrush Technical Transfer Network seeks to equip these individuals with resources, training, examples, and professional networks to support and strengthen their technical transfer work.

What We Provide

  • A network of technical transfer professionals

  • Resources and training opportunities to improve your technical transfer skills

  • Coordination across biomes, agencies, technical transfer efforts, and more

Our Vision

Decisions relating to sagebrush ecosystem management are informed by relevant science, information and technology. Science producers work closely with end users to deliver information in an accessible and interpretable format, and managers and practitioners are empowered to incorporate this information into their decision-making.

What is Technical Transfer?

Learn about technical transfer, why it’s needed, and who does it. 

Technical Transfer Toolbox

The Sagebrush Technical Transfer Toolbox strengthens and supports technical transfer capacity and skills building through guidelines, resources, process, and support.

Technical Transfer Case Studies

Read case studies developed by technical transfer experts reflecting on lessons learned and successes from previous technical transfer efforts.

Our Network

Join Us!

Want to learn more about the RangeNet and how to get involved? Reach out to Andrew Olsen (Science to Implementation Coordinator, IWJV) and Megan Creutzburg (Rangeland Sustainability Lead, INR).

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