Wetland Evaluation Tool

The Wetland Evaluation Tool (WET) allows users to access over 30 years of data to map changes in surface water across the Intermountain West, as well as changes in hydroperiods (how long each wetland is flooded for each year) and the overall resiliency of wetlands (if wetlands are getting wetter or drier over time). Combined with local knowledge, the tool can help land managers create a landscape-scale picture of important areas to target for land and water conservation.

WET is supported by Google Earth Engine and is constantly evolving as data expands and the tool is updated. Applications for each of the 11 western states are expected in early 2023.

Contact Patrick Donnelly, IWJV Spatial Ecologist, or Erica Hansen, IWJV Science to Implementation Specialist, to learn more and to access beta models of the tool by state.

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WET User Guide

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Need help navigating? Contact Science to Implementation Specialist Erica Hansen or check out our:

WET User Guide

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