By Published On: April 16, 2016

Steve Tessmann Recognized at Wyoming Conservation Partnership Meeting

The Wyoming Bird Habitat Conservation Partnership met in the spring of 2016 in Casper, Wyoming. The meeting featured the latest updates on wetland habitat projects and planning in important landscapes like the Upper Green, Little Snake, and North Platte River area of southeastern Wyoming. The partnership also welcomed new faces to the discussion and collaboration, including the City of Casper, the Wyoming Association of Conservation Districts, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Region 6 Science Applications, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Wyoming Regulatory Program, and Wyoming Natural Resource Foundation.

Additionally, our very own Steve Tessmann was recognized for his long-time service and contributions to Wyoming wetlands conservation as Chair of the Wyoming Bird Habitat Conservation Partnership. Dave Smith, IWJV Coordinator, shared his perspective on Steve’s contribution. “From the entire IWJV Management Board and Staff, I extend our sincere appreciation to Steve for everything he has done to move the conservation needle in Wyoming through the State Conservation Partnership. Steve will be sincerely missed as he transitions out of the Chair role but did a tremendous job of leaving the partnership in good hands. We are so excited about the next generation of work to be accomplished through this cutting-edge, state-level JV partnership under the leadership of Chair Brian Jensen, Natural Resources Conservation Service and Vice-chair Ian Tator, Wyoming Game & Fish Department.”