By Published On: June 21, 2019

U.S. Senator Risch Recognized as Conservation Policy Champion

The Intermountain West Joint Venture (IWJV) recently presented its prestigious Conservation Policy Champion Award to U.S. Senator James Risch (Idaho) for his efforts to conserve wildlife habitat through partnerships in ways that support local communities. This award is presented to an individual who exemplifies the spirit of the IWJV and efforts to conserve habitat through collaborative, landscape conservation. As an advocate in Congress, Senator Risch has earned this award by demonstrating leadership on collaborative conservation that brings people together to support wildlife, agriculture, hunting, angling, and rural communities.

“Senator Risch has been a long-standing champion of conservation programs that sustain wildlife populations, hunting and other outdoor recreation opportunities, and the agricultural heritage of Idaho. True to the spirit of Joint Ventures, he has worked extensively in a partnership-driven manner to bring common sense solutions to natural resource issues,” stated Clen Atchley of Flying A Ranch in Ashton, Idaho, the longest-tenured IWJV Management Board Member. Specifically, Senator Risch has been a strong supporter of the North American Wetlands Conservation Act and the Land and Water Conservation Fund, programs that have contributed greatly to supporting wildlife, outdoor recreation, and agriculture in Idaho and throughout the Intermountain West.

As such, it is the IWJV’s distinct honor and pleasure to recognize Senator Risch for his long-term commitment to the stewardship of our Nation’s natural resources and support of agricultural producers, sportsmen and women, and people that care deeply about the conservation of habitat for birds and other wildlife. Senator Risch was presented the IWJV Conservation Policy Champion Award on May 15, 2019, in his Washington, DC, office by a team of IWJV Management Board members, private landowners, and industry partners.