Waterbirds In the Intermountain West

Priority Waterbird Species:

** selected as umbrella species
Breeding Waterbirds
American Bittern** Great Egret
American White Pelican* Greater Sandhill Crane**
Black Rail Green Heron
Black Tern Least Bittern
Black-crowned Night-Heron Least Tern (interior)
Bonoparte's Gull Neotropic Cormorant
California Gull** Pied-billed Grebe
Caspian Tern Red-necked Grebe
Cattle Egret Snowy Egret
Clark's Grebe** Sora**
Common Loon Virginia Rail
Common Tern Western Grebe**
Double-crested Cormorant White-faced Ibis**
Eared Grebe Whooping Crane
Forster's Tern Yellow Rail
Franklin's Gull Yuma Clapper Rail
Great Blue Heron**
Non-breeding Waterbirds
American White Pelican* Franklin's Gull
Common Loon Greater Sandhill Crane**
Eared Grebe** Lesser Sandhill Crane**
IWJV Waterbirds

Chapter 6 of the IWJV 2013 Implementation Plan lays out the IWJV Waterbird strategy.