By Published On: May 13, 2015

Wyoming Conservation Partner Resource Catalog

The Wyoming Bird Habitat Conservation Partnership (WBHCP) is a group of private, government, and nonprofit organizations affiliated under the Intermountain West Joint Venture (IWJV) and the Northern Great Plains Joint Venture (NGPJV). The Partnership holds at least one formal meeting annually and collaborates informally through emails, conference calls, and other means. The group exists to share information and coordinate programs and resources to advance bird habitat conservation throughout Wyoming.

At its 2013 annual meeting, the WBHCP recognized that pooling resources and services to attain common goals greatly increases the partnership’s effectiveness. An outcome of that discussion was the need to identify resources member organizations can contribute toward collective efforts to get more projects planned, funded, and implemented. The specific recommendation was:

“Develop a ‘resource catalog’ outlining the services and resources each partner can bring to the table. This will greatly assist our cooperative efforts toward project implementation. While there has always been an informal offer of assistance among the membership, a more formalized reference source that details member functions and capabilities will facilitate project collaboration, resulting in more conservation work getting accomplished on the ground.”