By Published On: January 11, 2024

Video: One Minute of Migratory Bird Zen

Late October is the height of autumnal waterfowl migration in the Klamath Basin. The wetlands of this landscape have long supported the ducks and geese of the Pacific Flyway as they wing southward in the fall, and again as they head to their northern breeding grounds in the spring. Once referred to as “the Everglades of the West,” the wetland landscape in the Klamath Basin has been thoroughly transformed by a century of land use change. Pockets of wetland still exist in this area, supported by an intricate network of public wildlife refuges and private agricultural land. This video, taken on October 31, 2023, by a local farmer who’s taken tremendous initiative stewarding the wetland habitat on his commercial operation, shows just how far a little bit of wetland habitat can go to supporting these animals.

Fall Migration in the Klamath Basin

Peruse the gallery below to see birds using agricultural lands enrolled in the Klamath Basin Farming and Wetland Collaborative Regional Conservation Partnership Program, taken in October 2023 by IWJV Communications Specialist Megan McGrath.