By Published On: June 15, 2023

Updates on Our Staff Team: New Titles and New Faces

Hello, partners! We wanted to take a quick break from our regular programming of conservation success stories, technical transfer of science, and other exciting natural resource happenings to share some news about the people within our organization. Some of the staff behind the Intermountain West Joint Venture (IWJV) have new titles and there are two new faces you need to meet. Here’s the latest line up on our winning team:

Joy Morris has taken on the title of Conservation Programs & Operations Coordinator, supporting in the leadership of the IWJV. Joy is passionate about strategic conservation through partnerships, developing common ground and trust, and finding creative solutions to support and enhance conservation opportunities that benefit people, birds, fish, wildlife, and overall landscape function. In this seat, Joy will be working to further synergy and opportunities internally and externally across the major pillars of IWJV’s work: Sagebrush, Water 4, Science-to-Implementation, and Communications. Joy lives in Missoula, Montana, and works out of the IWJV office.

Erica Hansen has stepped into the role of Water 4 Coordinator. Erica is passionate about fostering durable partnerships that result in mutually beneficial conservation outcomes. In this new role, she will be supporting the strong network of our existing Water 4 partners, and continue to explore new and innovative ways to support water management that benefits both people and wildlife. Erica lives in and works from Victor, Idaho.

Mandi Hirsch is now our Sagebrush Conservation Coordinator and leads all aspects of our sagebrush rangeland partnership work across the West. In particular, Mandi coordinates our work with the Bureau of Land Management to support over a dozen field capacity positions and provide science and technical as well as communications services to this agency’s work, helping it expand its sagebrush rangeland conservation results. Mandi lives and works in Crowheart, Wyoming, where she and her husband run a ranching and haying operation.

We’re also excited to welcome two new team members: Megan McGrath and Kasey Bader!

Megan is our new Communications Specialist and is lead on content production for our sagebrush work. Megan is based in Seattle, Washington, and has a background in traditional academic research, science media and communications, program operations, and fine arts. She brings extensive skills to the IWJV’s communications team and, having started this role in February of 2023, she is already producing dynamic outreach materials for our partnership. Learn more about Megan here.

Starting in May of 2023, Kasey is our new Operations Specialist and plays a crucial support role in all aspects of the IWJV’s administrative and operational activities. Her past professional experiences have focused on coordinating partnerships between landowners and numerous conservation organizations to implement land health initiatives and develop educational programming and outreach. Kasey is thrilled to continue supporting similar conservation efforts in the West. She is based in Missoula, Montana, and works out of the IWJV office. Learn more about Kasey here.

For contact information and to read about the rest of the IWJV staff, please click here.