2013 Implementation Plan Chapter 5: Shorebirds

Chapter 5 builds on the U.S. Shorebird Conservation Plan and is intended to provide a source of quantitative population objectives for shorebirds which have not previously been available. The information will facilitate the development of landscape level conservation planning for shorebirds in the Intermountain West linked to continental goals. An important body of work includes bioenergetics modeling results in two key sites – the Great Salt Lake and the Blanca Wetlands Habitat Area. These pilots will serve as a prototype for similar modeling projects in 16 other key sites for shorebirds in the Intermountain West.

Key elements of the chapter include:

  • The most up-to-date information on shorebirds in the Intermountain West including seasonal occurrence of shorebird species by Bird Conservation Region (BCR) and Area of Importance Scores for shorebirds (by BCR)
  • A description of seven shorebird habitat types in the Intermountain West
  • Threats and limiting factors
  • Population estimates and objectives for passage and breeding shorebirds in the Intermountain West
  • Identification of 18 Shorebird Key Sites with peak migration counts
  • Identification of seven breeding shorebird focal species


Author, Source 
Sue Thomas, Brad Andres, & Josh Vest. IWJV 2013 Implementation Plan--Shorebirds